Employers and Industry

Understanding employee behavior and values

Employers are pressed to Recruit and Retain the highest quality employees to remain competitive in their respective markets. BEAM is here to improve those processes.


With the lowest estimates of turnover costs at 30% of annualized pay per employee, identifying the best candidates and effectively incentivizing them to stay with your company is paramount.

Data by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved August 11, 2020,
from https://www.bls.gov/

Your Business Culture

Culture is king, we have heard it before and you know the culture in your business offices, warehouses, kitchens, even the mail room can make a huge difference in the success of operations big and small. Many managers can describe their business culture in a paragraph or two but it's difficult to turn those words into real changes and success.

Our Process



BEAM performs analyses to
understand what behaviors are driving costs, productivity, and outcomes



BEAM implements a study
to understand what drives these behaviors



BEAM develops tools to
predict relevant outcomes and notify relevant staf



BEAM assists the Business in developing successful interventions to optimize outcomes

How can we help?

  • Identifying and simplifying culture in meaningful ways is what BEAM is here to do.

  • We quantify the values your employees and managers display and harness that knowledge to capitalize on opportunities.
  • BEAM makes it easy to understand what is valuable to your employees and candidates, while developing insights on the existing incentive structures of your business.

  • Using this information, we can predict relevant negative and positive work behaviors so you can prevent or incentivize them effectively.

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